Children Training School

The majority of first time English teachers start at a training school teaching kids 3-17. It is a fantastic launching pad, providing free teacher development, curriculum, and often opportunities for further education. Training schools generally require working weekends since that is when children are out of school, but your weekend will be shifted to two weekdays. This means cheaper everything from movie tickets to flights.


  • 20-40 hour contract (20-hour teaching max)
  • 4-5 day workweek
  • 10-15 days annual paid leave plus National Holidays(11 minium)


  • New to teaching and looking to learn
  • First time abroad
  • Love kids
  • Energetic, patient


Adult Training School

Children aren't the only ones learning English. Many adults pursue mastery of the English language and many opportunities exist to teach them. Students range from recent college graduates looking to make themselves more marketable to executives who want to be able to sit in on international business meetings. Teaching times vary for adults, but teachers will still have at least two days off a week and receive professional development.


  • 20-40 hour contract (20-hour teaching max)
  • 4-5 day workweek
  • 10-15 days annual paid leave plus National Holidays(11 minimum)
  • Possible summer and winter intensive courses


  • New teachers with a background in business
  • Experienced teachers
  • Enjoy conversation
  • Patient, professional


After reforms to the one-child policy from 2011 to 2016, many modern-day Chinese families have opted to have two kids, bringing along with it an even bigger need for quality Kindergartens. Many Kindergartens have chosen to present a strong International standard with the Montessori theory of Education being in high demand.

Being around really small children all day long is definitely not for everyone but if you have the patience and energy to keep up with the little guys, you are in for a treat!  Watching young learners grow and explore using the language you taught them is an unbelievably rewarding feeling.  Having weekends off is a blast too but do prepare for a little bit more traffic and fuller movie cinemas.  Most Kindergartens will also give ample annual leave which means you'll have time to travel and get recharged.

Unlike Kids Training schools, Kindergartens will not always offer the best ongoing training as they would be looking for teachers with a few years experience.  They do however have a very simple curriculum to follow and with some experience, a little research and a lot of love and patience it is one of the most rewarding teaching jobs in China.


  • 25-40 hour workweek contracts
  • 5-day workweek
  • 12-35 days annual paid leave including some National Holidays


  • Has more than a year's teaching experience working with young learners
  • Looking for a new challenge after working at a training school.
  • Can work independently and take on the role of English teaching expert.
  • Constantly looking for personal self-development.
  • Energetic, patient, energetic, patient, energetic, patient, energetic, patient.


International Schools

Many Chinese parents have aspirations for their children to go and study abroad and this has given rise to the demand for quality international education. By offering subjects instructed in English, the International Schools in China are giving an exciting private education option to Chinese parents.  Students are enrolling in traditional subjects like Science, Maths, Biology and P.E. while also taking on new challenges like Psychology, Programming and extracurricular activities like horse riding and golf!

Experienced English Teachers will always be needed and then, from Music and Art Major graduates to Sport and Technology, subject teachers have become in very high demand.  These positions are very demanding though and will require constant research and development but with two or more months of annual leave and a solid salary and benefits package, it is becoming a very sought after option for experienced teachers.


  • 30-40 hour contract (25-hour teaching max)
  • 5-day workweek
  • At least two months annual leave plus some National Holidays


  • Experienced ESL Teachers
  • Candidates with degrees in Education
  • Candidates with a degree in subject fields and other special extracurricular qualifications